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Direct Audio Video was started by Wes McElroy in Waco, TX to provide the best products with better service and efficiency. Having started as DIRECTV fulfillment contractors in 2007, we have seen the effects of unknowledgable salesmen and installers and we stepped in to eliminate the middle man. As a company we have hundreds of thousands of installations under our belts and know exactly what we are doing with any sale or installation. We truly are experts in our field!


Now we offer everything you need for your home or business, big or small. With a technician network that covers 4 states, experience from the top down with networking, radio frequency engineering and automation, we are certified and experienced with Apartments, Hotels, Small Commercial, Large Commercial and any type of residence you can think of!



You are our neighbor, client and partner; so we will never mislead you or leave you hanging out to dry! We treat everyone with respect in every interaction, from our clients, vendors and employees, all the way to our competitors. 



We stand behind our work, so once the job is done we will be there for support. We offer extended hours, local based support, so hold times are a thing of the past. All our work is guaranteed and we are happy to continue to help you enjoy your services.


We know that our success and your satisfaction boil down to the details. So we wont cut corners for convenience, pressure you into anything more or less than what you need, or give you anything less than the best we have to offer. We are committed to sound business practices with our clients, employees and competitors.


There is never just one way to solve a problem, and rarely does an out-of-the-box solution work. So we embrace the challenge of tackling our client's problems and needs no matter what the complexity. Creativity is essential and risk is necessary to take you to the places you want to go.


The world is changing and so are home and commercial services. We take pride in staying at the forefront of innovation and are dedicated to educating ourselves and our clients in everything new that there is to offer. You can always expect us to be on the cutting edge in electronics, services and solutions.

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